Anderson Professional Licensing Lawyer

You Need Experienced Representation When Your Career Is On The Line

When your license is at risk or you are subject to a peer review hearing, you want to have the best representation possible to protect your career and your ability to earn a living. You need a lawyer with significant knowledge of medicine and health care who also understands the procedural components of hospitals and trial courts.

William Hinnant Jr. of Hinnant Medical & Law Offices, LLC, is a licensed physician as well as a licensed attorney and a member of the American College of Legal Medicine, for which he is also general counsel. He represents medical professionals in Anderson, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas, as well as all over the country, for professional licensing, peer review hearings, administrative defense and credentialing. He has helped hundreds of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals save their licenses so they can continue to do what they love.

A Very Focused Career

As a medical professional, you have put a great deal of time, money and effort into your career. You have trained specifically to do your job and finding out that all of this hard work may be for nothing because your license may be taken away can be very stressful. You need a lawyer who understands your field intimately to protect your ability to work.

Dr. Hinnant has the knowledge and experience required to handle these sensitive matters. He has in-depth familiarity with how to conduct proceedings before review boards and a comprehensive understanding of the appellate process. Because he knows how health care is delivered and understands the relevant standards of care, he is better able to explain your situation and defend your actions. He has represented many medical professionals in hearings for a wide variety of problems, including drug addiction and malpractice.

Dr. Hinnant also represents clients before peer review boards and is frequently able to negotiate a positive resolution, avoiding the need for costly and lengthy litigation. He has been able to negotiate dismissals on the grounds of immunity for several of his clients and has had success with many other issues as well.

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We have offices in Anderson, South Carolina. Call us at 864-202-6122 or toll free at 866-699-6670. You can also send us an email. All licensing and peer review work is handled on an hourly or flat-fee basis. We offer Spanish translation services if needed.