Medicare Audit & Overpayment Defense

Dr. Hinnant has vast experience in assisting health care practitioners of all kinds in the management of Medicare audits and alleged overpayments. This body of regulatory Law allows the government to literally collect hundreds of times what the value of the alleged fraud through the process of statistical extrapolation.

A simple mistake resulting in alleged claim overpayment of as little as several hundred dollars can be extrapolated into a fine in the six figure range. These matters are defensible based not only on the substantive merits, but also on whether statistical extrapolation was properly evoked. The Appellate process begins with your local carrier or a federal contractor proceeding to a qualified independent contractor, the Medicare Office of Hearings and Appeals and then finally with judicial oversight in the Federal Court System. Dr. Hinnant’s experience as a practicing physician of over thirty years gives him unique insight into these matters as does his experience in representing practitioners all over the country who are facing them.