Health And Insurance Law

Health care and insurance are integrally intertwined, impacting providers and patients. In the United States, 18 cents of every dollar spent goes to health care, by far the greatest percentage in the world, with the vast majority covered by insurance. Health care is big business and as such logically facilitates disagreement and controversy generally between parties with disparate bargaining power. These matters almost always are akin to a “David versus Goliath” scenario, with one larger and well funded powerful entity dealing with the proverbial “little guy” in controversies in some cases involving large sums of money.

Whether you are denied health care or disability benefits by an insurer, whether you are a patient aware of health care fraud, or a provider wrongfully accused of violating the law, wrongfully billing a federal payer, or simply seeking to enter into a contract with a hospital, insurer or medical practice, Dr. Hinnant can help you. His years of experience in dealing with criminal law, white collar crime and in assisting patients and providers with payment and contracting issues as a physician and attorney, make him uniquely qualified to protect your rights and level the playing field.

Dr. Hinnant has been a long time member of his state’s Criminal Justice Act Attorney Panel, representing those accused of federal criminal offenses. He has significant working knowledge of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for organizations and individuals. He has won millions for clients wrongfully denied insurance benefits. Let him fight for you.