Qui Tam Actions

Dr. Hinnant has vast experience in representing health care whistleblowers. If you are aware of any payments in consideration of health care referrals, or physicians referring to other health care entities in which they have an ownership interest, or an compensation arrangement, Dr. Hinnant can help you file your claims with the Federal Government.

Note that such whistleblowers, called “relators”, are typically allowed to share in whatever “bounty” that the Government subsequently collects. This percentage is generally in the 20 to 30 percent range. In the face of substantial fraud, a relator’s share can be quite a sizable amount of money.

Qui tam actions require particularized pleading and a knowledge of the relevant legal and regulatory framework under which federal or state-provided health care is governed. If you are aware of fraud and abuse in the healthcare system, or of any kind be it by patients, physicians, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and/or their administrators, Dr. Hinnant is likely able to help you. Should the Government not intervene in your Qui tam action, selected cases are worth pursuing on their merits on your own, the relevant “bounty” paid by the Government increasing thereafter in the face of a successful.